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Real Solutions to Real Problems

One of the benefits of being in business for so long is that chances are we have seen your problem or one very similar before.  When our team of technical experts come on the scene, they rely a long list of experiences and skills developed over 6 generations.  This combined with innovative thinking and a lean perspective will help to optimize your process.  Check out some of our case studies, or maybe become one of them. Your success is our success.

Cleaning the Hard to Clean Removing Stamping and Cutting Oils Without A Pre-Treatment Step

“The versatility of the Ultrex Electro Cleaner is the most important feature of the product,” says Kenneth Field, Plant Engineer for Zierick Manufacturing Corporation. “The fact it can be used both as an electro cleaner and a soak cleaner helped us eliminate a pre-treatment step—saving us time and money, while reducing our water consumption by 70%.”

Treating the Hard to Treat Removing Increased Zinc Concentration in the Waste Stream

Ever lost sleep worrying about compliance issues? For the Environmental Health Safety (EHS) Manager at a leading shooting sports manufacturer, this was becoming an all too frequent occurrence.

Cleaning the Hard to Clean Laser P and Brite Dip 6 Increased Production While Saving Countless Man Hours

Individually buffing connectors to remove scale and prepare them for plating sounds a bit archaic, doesn’t it? But for a leading manufacturer of electrical components it had become business as usual—that is until they called in Hubbard-Hall.

Finishing the Hard to Finish Alternative Chemistry Improved Productivity and Quality of Parts

Labor cost and chemical usage went down because the company was not re-plating their parts multiple times, while productivity went through the roof.

Cleaning the Hard to Clean Change in Chemistry Provides Better Quality and Finish

“One might not judge a book by its cover, but in the shooting sports industry they will judge your product on how it looks,” says Rhonda E., Plating Manager for a leading manufacturer of shooting sports products. So when production increased and it became more difficult to maintain a high level of quality and consistency, Rhonda looked for answers. One of her suppliers suggested she contact Hubbard-Hall for help.

Finishing the Hard to Finish When It Comes to Vintage Cars and Hot Rods, Good Enough Doesn’t Cut It!

“These off-the-shelf solutions resulted in substantial cost savings and quality improvements when compared to alternate pre-treatments we considered, such as other methods of chemical and mechanical processing,” Chisenhall is proud to point out.

Treating the Hard to Treat Profiting from Better Wastewater Treatment

“IMC’s relationship with Hubbard-Hall is based on their technical competence, responsiveness, and integrity… it’s an absolute pleasure to know there are still chemical suppliers who value their customers enough to workday in and day out to earn their customer’s complete trust.” ~ Steve Leonetti, IMC EVP

Treating the Hard to Treat Creating a Leaner Water Treatment Process

Lean manufacturers strive to eliminate waste in all its forms. One is over-processing, another is inventory. By offering ways to reduce their chemical footprint, Hubbard-Hall helped IMC tackle both.

Treating the Hard to Treat AquaPure® Quick Drop: Cleans Wastewater While Saving Time, Manpower & Money

In this situation, it came down to the fact that their discharge water wasn't clear. Their dirty water was a result of tubbing and washing and other related processes. Like a growing number of companies today, over time they had lost the personnel that specifically knew how to deal with wastewater.

Cleaning the Hard to Clean Copper Cleaning and Wastewater Treatment: Improved, Safer, and Faster

IMC Vice President, Steve Leonetti hired Hubbard-Hall to improve the organization’s cleaning chemistry and process performance. He wanted to replace labor-intensive processes with a LEAN one that was compatible with their new equipment.

Cleaning the Hard to Clean Delivering Far More Than Just Chemicals

The company had been using trichloroethylene, TCE, (a chlorinated solvent) for their aluminum brazed assemblies. With the acquisition came the realization that some chlorinated solvents, including TCE, were banned for use by the parent company. An effective alternative was required, and quickly. Their first call was to Hubbard-Hall who they have relied on for cleaning and solvent recommendations for over 20 years.